Assess and Address Key Areas in Your Policy-Making Process

At Research and Management Consulting, we provide custom-fit recommendations to companies across Canada and worldwide. We offer the expertise of a highly trained consultant who is focused on enhancing the processes of various government and business groups.

How We Do It

We utilize specific research methods to analyze organizational and institutional policies. We apply rule proliferation taxonomy to best identify areas of ambiguity and vulnerability.

Our goals for our study include the following:

  1. Identify Elements That Change Current Freedom of Action
  2. Increase Understanding of Each Rule
  3. Increase Policy Effectiveness
  4. Adhere to Institutional Norms
  5. Change Future Freedom of Action
Our goal is to reverse engineer your process and develop more efficient policies in the long run
1. Our team will begin by analyzing your current policies, rules, or collective agreements.
2. We will identify areas of ambiguity and vulnerability in your methods.
Our goal is to provide recommendations that improve your process
1. This involves studying the decision-making process of your board of leaders, as well as the policies they create.
2. We conduct organizational and competence assessments.
3. We help with various strategic planning as well as training and development.
After the project, we can develop case studies for pedagogical use or for publishing. These references will be used for strategic reflection and for furthering research in the field.

Research and Development

We conduct research to help develop supervised artificial intelligence. This way, we can improve the way we analyze rule ambiguity and identification as well as rule proliferation.

By collaborating with our team, you help contribute to the advancement of our study. Working together helps improve rule design and technology.

Ask About Our Work

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